Border and Bodies Lecture Series 1 : Detain & Punish: Haitians and Immigration Detention in the U.S

Writer, researcher, and Senior editor at WARSCAPES Michael Busch in conversation with Carl Lindskoog at  The Graduate Center, CUNY about #Haiti and immigrant detention in the U.S.

“Borders and Bodies” is a Polis Project teach-in and conversation series hosted in collaboration with Warscapes Magazine and the CUNY Doctoral Students’ Council.We launched this lecture series with historian Carl Lindskoog on February 21 in New York City. Dr Lindskoog is a foremost authority on the history of Haitians and immigration detention in the United States.

Immigrants make up the largest proportion of federal prisoners in the United States, incarcerated in a vast network of more than two hundred detention facilities. Dr. Lindskoog will explore how detention became a centerpiece of U.S. immigration policy and why it was reinstituted in 1981 after being halted for several decades. Putting Haitian migrants and asylum seekers at the center of the story, Dr. Lindskoog will detail the discrimination these refugees faced, and how their resistance to this treatment—in the form of legal action and activism—prompted the government to reinforce its detention program and create an even larger system of facilities, arguing that systems designed for Haitian refugees laid the groundwork for the way immigrants to America are treated today.

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