The Fatima Sheikh Annual Fellowship 2021

By The Polis Project

14 July 2021

The Polis Project is excited to announce the winners of the Fatima Sheikh Annual Fellowship 2021.

The purpose of the Fatima Sheikh Annual Fellowship is to provide financial support to writers, artists, scholars, reporters, researchers and activists to create and produce in-depth work in collaboration with The Polis Project.

The fellowship responds to the realization that:

In-depth engagement with some of the most important crises affecting the world today needs time and dedication.

Powerful ideas and interventions require months if not years of thorough research.

Funding that allows writers and artists to conduct rigorous research and time to work on long-term projects are scarce and almost non-existent when the project aims to speak truth to power.

Independent writers, researchers and artists need resources and mentorship to work on important projects that may never see the light for lack of money, time, resources, network.

This year The Polis Project has decided to work with Mayukh Goswami and Meher Manda. Together, Goswami and Manda will work on a graphic novel.

Mayukh Goswami is a storyteller working in the nebulous, multi-faceted cloud of art and technology, originally from Mumbai, India but currently based in New York City. He earned his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from National Institution of Technology, Calicut and Masters in Digital Media at New York University. He creates hand-drawn animated music videos and gifs when not busy producing and writing for digital experiences.

Meher Manda is a poet, short-story writer, journalist, editor and educator originally from Mumbai, India and currently based in New York City and Providence, Rhode Island. She earned her MFA in fiction at the College of New Rochel where she was the founding editor-in-chief of the Canopy Review. She is the author of The Chapbook of Poems Busted Models (No Dear/Small Anchor Press, 2019). Her poetry, fiction and non-fiction have appeared or are forthcoming in the Margins, Catapult, Epiphany, Cosmonauts Avenue, Los Angeles Review and elsewhere. As a journalist she writes about the intersection of culture and politics, with a focus on South Asian works of art and has written for The Juggernaut, Bustle, Scroll, Firstpost among other platforms.

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