The Revolutionary Playlist Episode 18: K.P

By K.P

29 August 2021

Revolution, for me, is the answer to a fundamental question: who are we? Who we are informs us of what we stand for, where our solidarities lie. Stuart Hall, the cultural theorist and critical thinker, reminds us in his essay Cultural Identity and Diaspora that identity — who we are — is not just ‘being’, but also ‘becoming’; ‘belonging to the future as much as the past’. It is in this fluid understanding of who we are that I situate this revolutionary playlist.

This playlist consists of songs that transcend time, space and structure; songs from the past that are still played at protests today, songs from today that imagine a radically different future, songs that drift into the realm of noise and noise that drifts into the realm of music.

The Playlist

  1.  Kya Hua Tera Vada (cover at Shaheen Bagh)
  2.  Mai Zindagi Ka Saath (cover at Shaheen Bagh) 
  3. Rage Against the Machine, Guerilla Radio
  4. Janelle Monae,  Cold War
  5. Adrian Enescu, Plopi Impari
  6. Jamblu, Swar-G-Top
  7. Mogwai, New Paths to Helicon Pt.1
  8. Explosions in the Sky, The Ecstatics
  9. Peter Cat Recording Co, Kya Farak Padega?

K.P is a comedian, writer and filmmaker.

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