What We Are Reading | Issue No: 23

Francesca Recchia

ICC judges order outreach to victims of war crimes in Palestine | The Electronic Intifada


Reclaiming Street Spaces: A photo-essay


In Tightening of Government Rules, Foreign Journalists Need Prior Permission to Visit Kashmir


In extremis (As Hannah Arendt argued, there is one common thread which connects individuals drawn to all kinds of extremist ideologies)


How landmark buildings became weapons in a new Gulf war


They are my martyrs and I am their custodian


Asim Rafiqui

“When We Can No Longer Tell The Difference”
“Acts Of Deconstruction”
“We See Them When They Are Rampaging”
“When Will We Ever Become French?”
“The Citizenry As Donkeys”
“Race Is A Class Issue”
“Iraq Is The New Face of Democracy”
“Manly Men And Grateful Women Only Please”

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