What we are reading | Issue No. 24

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Published on 11th July 2019

Asim Rafiqui

1. “Reaping The Whirlwind!”

2. “Nostalgia Isn’t Memory”

3. “Cabral’s Lost Legacies”

4. “The Futures We Will Make”

5. “Precisely What Manley Feared, and Manley Supported”

6. “The Not Quite Nice Scandinavians”

Francesca Recchia

1. Annie Ali Khan, Sita under the Crescent Moon. A Woman’s Search for Faith in Pakistan. New Delhi: Simon & Schuster India, 2019.

2. Mohammed Hanif, Red Birds,  Bloomsbury Publishing, 2018.

3. Nadeem Aslam, The Golden Legend, Knopf Publishing Group, 2017.

Suchitra Vijayan

1. The influence of Anxietyby Steven Salaita

2. Rahul Radha Krishnan’s documentary Kashmir: Fault Lines in the Valley

3. What the Zaira Wasim controversy reveal about contemporary Indiaby Hafsa Kanjwal

4. Bhakti Shringarpure’s podcast Cold War Assemblages

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