Reflections on Representation Ep 3 – Against Empire: Records of Resistance

By The Polis Project

6 May 2021

The elusive distance between the photographer and the photographed — is often impossible to bridge. Reflections on Representation is a conversation series hosted by the CPB Learning Lab and The Polis Project in April 2021. It brings together four photographers, educators, and visual practitioners. Ritesh Uttamchandani, Sinthujan Varathrajah, Laura Saunders, and Rishi Singhal in conversation with Suchitra Vijayan. They rethink power, representation, and relationship image-making.

Speakers: Suchitra Vijayan and Laura Saunders

Photographer and filmmaker Laura Saunders discuss her work on the US / Mexico Borderlands, by interrogating the multifaceted histories of migration; and the colonial violence of the border as a site that produces narratives of criminality. Laura is documenting the construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, an expansive fracking project that began in 2015. She has rooted this work in looking at “community resistance from the edges of Appalachia, where environmental and economical extraction has become commonplace.”

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