Revolutionary Playlist Episode 16: Sarover Zaidi

By Sarover Zaidi

15 August 2021

Most of the songs listed here are songs we grew up on, either learnt at home or school, and then they emerged when we went to work in the world. Tu Zinda hai is a song I have sung with doctors from government Primary Health Care centres in Bihar, and also with the women who led the stage at the Shaheen Bagh Protests. Songs travel with you, they stick and come out at different times. Intesaab, Masters of War and Joanna give me hope all heard at a very young age, made their way back in the college years. Gave one both rage and hope.

I have also included in this list some work which has come out in the last few years, which resonates across the political issues. From Dilli Kiss ke hotee hai? on the migrant crisis during the lockdowns of the last two years, Bella Ciao/ Wapis Jao which came out during the farmers protests and Hindustani Musalman and Dangai se, which hit home at the intensely communal form of our nation state has taken.

The Playlist

  1. Shankar Shailendra, Tu Zinda hai 
  2. Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Intesaab
  3. Bob Marley/Feminist German adaptation by Bettina Wagner, No Woman No Cry
  4. Pete Seeger, Joe Hill
  5. Nazeer Akbarabadi, Aadminama
  6. Eddy Grant, Joahnaa Give Me Hope 
  7. Shiraz/Khwaab Tanha Collective, Dilli Kis Kee Hotee Hai 
  8. Poojan Sahil, Bella Ciao Wapis Jao
  9. Bob Dylan/Eddie Vedder /Pearl Jam, Masters of War 
  10. Hussain Haidry, Hindustani Musalman 
  11. Indian Ocean Live, Ma Rewa 
  12. Shubha Mudgal, Mann ke Manjeere

Sarover Zaidi works at the intersections of critical theory, anthropology, art,  and architecture. She has extensively worked on religious architecture and urbanism in the city of Bombay, and currently co-runs a site on writing the city called Chiragh Dilli. She is poetry, music and art junkie, and tries to bring all of this into her classrooms at the Jindal School of Art and Architecture, Sonipat, India. She tweet at @bombaywalee.

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