What we are reading | Issue No. 25

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Published on 14th July 2019

Suchitra Vijayan

FIR against 10 for poem on Assam’s citizenship row

Economic Inequality Kills by Stephen Bezruchka

The man who helped build Israel’s legal infrastructure of oppression by Hagai El-Ad

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine spokesman Ghassan Kanafani interviewed by Richard Carleton, Beirut 1970.

Asim Rafiqui

When Social Media Reality Meets Reality

Ana Mendieta & Embodied Art

Googles Tricks & Obfuscations

American Domination And Capitulations

What Libyan “Liberation” Looks Like (War Photographers, Take Note!)

The Emergency

Francesca Recchia

Zen terror by Brian Victoria

CIA’s Afghan Forces  Leave a Trail of Abuse and Anger by Mujib Mashal

Carnage at migrant center in Libya highlights peril for those blocked from Europe by Sudarsan Raghavan

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