The Polis Project’s Suchitra Vijayan spoke to Zillah Eisenstein on the day of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony at the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. The conversation returned to Anita Hill, the nature of gendered racism and misogyny,  what it means to think and resist in the age of Trump, and, the future trajectories of feminist solidarity and resistance. Zillah Eisenstein is one of the foremost political theorists and activists of our time. Her groundbreaking book “The Female Body and the Law” has been re-issued. In this conversation, we return to questions that have occupied her remarkable scholarship –the intimate relationship between neoliberal imperial politics, white supremacy, misogyny, and racism.


Zillah Eisenstein

Zillah Eisenstein is a well-known anti-racist feminist author, activist, and professor emeritus. She has written more than 12 books and hundreds of articles detailing the continual struggles for social justice by women of all colors across the globe

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