Everyone needs to have a voting plan. Vote early – A conversation with Anjali Enjeti

Every Wednesday, leading up to the American Presidential elections, The Polis Project will host activists, organizers, writers, reporters, and progressive voices as a part of our Politics Podcast. They don’t just tell you what happened. They inform you of the issues, policies, and legislation that matter to their communities, beyond the headlines. The podcast is available in video and audio formats. We launch the first episode with award-winning journalist and activist based near Atlanta, Anjali Enjeti.

Anjali Enjeti writes about voting rights, politics, immigration, culture, and is the co-founder of They See Blue Georgia, a group of South Asian Democrats, fighting to flip Georgia blue. In this episode, Enjeti argues that the fight for rights continues beyond the voting day, and how South Asians must fight white supremacy and simultaneously mount a challenge against Hindutva in the United States. She also lays out practical strategies and how to prepare for the 2020 election day.

The podcast is available in video and audio formats. You can listen to our last episode with Anoa Change here.

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