We have a system that benefits itself – A conversation with Anoa Changa

Every Wednesday, leading up to the American Presidential elections, The Polis Project will host activists, organizers, writers, reporters, and progressive voices as a part of our Politics Podcast. They don’t just tell you what happened. They inform you of the issues, policies, and legislation that matter to their communities, beyond the headlines. This week we speak to Anoa J. Changa is a staff reporter leading Prism‘s coverage of electoral justice and voting rights.

This week we discuss the first Presidential debate and the specter of white nationalism; how the various mainstream newsrooms responded to black journalists covering black lives matter protest; the question of representation and accountability and what stories get told and what don’t. Finally, she lays out how to think about organizing for long-term security, not just an immediate crisis, and the ways forward in the coming weeks and months?

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Anoa Changa is a grassroots digital organizer, and strategic advisor to several organizations. She came to Prism from the New Georgia Project, a non-partisan effort to register and civically engage Georgian voters, where she was the director of digital strategy and storytelling. Prior to that, she held the position of cities electoral manager for Democracy for America. Anoa is a movement journalist and the host of the podcast “The Way with Anoa” tackling politics and current events through a Black progressive feminist perspective. Anoa has bylines in The Independent, The Nation, Dame Magazine, Huffington Post, and Rewire. She is a speaker, trainer, and presenter in progressive spaces.

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